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"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream".

C.S. Lewis 


Take some time out for yourself

I am qualified as a 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Hatha and 100 hours Somatic Yin Yoga Instructor. 

Hatha yoga is the basis to pretty much all forms of yoga, for example a vinyasa flow class is founded on Hatha principles.  I like to teach yoga to help people take time out for themselves and reconnect.  I find that yoga helps me to relax, as it is a very mindful activity whereby you are focused on whatever pose you are doing.

I am also able to teach Somatic Yin yoga which is a more relaxing style of yoga whereby I teach you to become aware of the various parts of your body and have various "aha moments" regarding what may be poor use of say the muscles in your back / abdomen, etc.  I like to consider Somatic Yin yoga as a way to "hack" your body into getting into various poses, as it can help with your flexibility a lot – I know as flexibility and I have never been close friends!

Yoga classes can be offered privately or in a corporate/group setting and can be combined with sound healing as well.  Yoga is suitable for everyone no matter your age, size, shape, flexibility levels, gender or religious beliefs. 

Yoga helps with many things including:

  • weight management;

  • stress management;

  • increasing your fitness;

  • increasing your flexibility;

  • being better connected to yourself and aware of your own body; and

  • balancing your chakras.


Please contact me if you would like to book a yoga session.


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